Cuccio Pro Dipping Powder part 2

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5566 Crystal Glitter
5567 Soft Pink Glitter
5568 Deep Purple Glitter
5569 Gold Glitter w/ large & small flecks
5570 Light Blue Glitter
5571 Deep Silver Glitter
5572 Bubble bath Pink
5573 Amaretto cream Tan
5574 Noir black
5575 Flattering Peach
5576 Tart green apple
5577 Fox grape Purple
5578 Electric Blue
5579 Cherry Red
5580 Rich brown
5581 Peppermint pastel blue
5582 Strawberry Red
5583 Carrot Orange
5584 Grape crush deep purple
5586 Baby Sky Blue
5587 Pastel Peach
5588 Bright Pink W/Gold Mica
5589 Creamy Tan
5590 Orange W/Gold Mica
5591 Salmon W/Silver Mica
5592 Neon Pink
5593 Green Glitter W/Blue Undertones
5594 Pastel Purple
5595 Purple W/Red Glitter
5596 Jade W/ Silver Glitter
5597 Rose W/ Rainbow Mica
5598 Denim Blue
5599 Muted Grape Purple
5600 Pink W/Silver Glitter
5601 Sunshine Yellow W/ Mica
5602 Blue W/Blue Mica
5603 Dusty Rose
5604 Grassy Green
5605 Bright Green W/ Yellow Undertones
5606 Blue W/Pink Glitter
5607 Bright Orange
5608 Fuchsia W/ Rainbow Mica
5609 Silver W/ Baby Pink Glitter
5610 Deep Pink W/ Pink Glitter
5611 Black W/ Red Glitter
5612 Brick Orange
5613 Midnight Purple
5614 Brown Sugar
5615 Silver W/ Grey Undertones
5616 Grey W/ Mica
5617 Tangerine Orange
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      Cuccio Pro Powder Polish utilizes new technology to produce a fantastic way of applying permanent color to the nail and offers a great alternative to gel polish.

      The application utilizes specially formulated, medical grade adhesive gel with state of the art brush on the activator and very finely milled acrylic powders to create beautiful nails that last a minimum of 14 days. Quick and easy to apply for maximum profitability,

      Cuccio Powder Polish offers a choice of solid color application, flawless French manicure styles or for building a perfect Apex nail formation using the Original Pink or Clear for a natural look.


      • A Nail Colour Dip System that is the new way to give salon & spa clients up to 14 days of nail color, with the flexibility of a gel & the durability of an acrylic.
      • Powder Polishes that are odorless & light on your nails.
      • A glossy finish that lasts up to 14 days.
      • No LED/UV light required.
      • Quick & easy application, won't damage nail bed when removed properly.
      • Professional use only!
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    • Variant: 5567 Soft Pink Glitter
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    • Product Type: Dipping Powder
    • Brand: Cuccio