EZ TruDip Powder

$17.50 $23.00

66818 All In 2oz
66819 Champagne Lane 2oz
66820 Amateur Night 2oz
66821 Bottle Poppin' 2oz
66822 Hit the Floor 2oz
66823 White Hot 2oz
66824 Bottle Service 2oz
66825 Rendezvous 2oz
66826 Gettin' Bubbly 2oz
66827 Oh Yes 2oz
66828 Ros?_ All Day 2oz
66829 About Last NightÌä 2oz
66830 Hubba Hubba 2oz
66831 XO Maybe So 2oz
66832 Ready to Flamingle! 2oz
66833 Brunch with Punch 2oz
66834 Colorgasm 2oz
66835 Hey Bartender 2oz
66836 Pucker Up 2oz
66837 Hey Mr. DJ 2oz
66838 Nope, Not Today 2oz
66839 Happy Happy Hour 2oz
66840 All the Way Up 2oz
66841 Too Haute for What 2oz
66842 Tequila Sunset 2oz
66843 Blaze of Fire 2oz
66844 I Just Can't 2oz
66845 Line'em Up 2oz
66846 Bleeding Love 2oz
66847 She's a Brick House 2oz
66848 Red Light District 2oz
66849 Smeared Kiss 2oz
66850 Shoes Gone Missing 2oz
66851 Coat Check 2oz
66852 Linger On His Lips 2oz
66853 Corner Booth 2oz
66854 Berry-tini 2oz
66855 Teaser Pleaser 2oz
66856 Bad Habit 2oz
66857 Girls Night Out 2oz
66858 That's My Jam 2oz
66859 It Happens 2oz
66860 Glamazon 2oz
66861 That Girl 2oz
66862 Hangin' With Molly 2oz
66863 Last Call 2oz
66864 Weekend Warrior 2oz
66865 Own It 2oz
66866 Live It Up 2oz
66867 Call Me a Cab 2oz
66868 Shotzy 2oz
66869 Money Honey 2oz
66870 Riddle Me This 2oz
66871 No Regrets 2oz
66872 Drop the Mic 2oz
66873 Blue Hawaiian 2oz
66874 Like Ibiza 2oz
66875 DJ Junkie 2oz
66876 Free Fall 2oz
66877 Truth Serum 2oz
66878 Buzz Worthy 2oz
66879 Fancy Pantz 2oz
66880 Speak-EZ 2oz
66881 Lights Out 2oz
66882 Adulting 2oz
66883 Drop the Beat 2oz
66884 Scene Stealer 2oz
66885 Grey Suit Too Cute 2oz
66886 Big Spender 2oz
66887 After After Party 2oz
66888 Front Row 2oz
66889 Black on Black 2oz
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      Design captivating acrylic nails in half the time with EzFlow‰۪s TruDIP 3-STEP Acrylic Dip System! This simple and easy application process requires no sculpting and minimal filing for a quick, precise acrylic manicure. Offering shades in French Pink, French White, Clear and 72 stunning shades, this odorless system provides a comfortable and convenient salon experience. Finished nails are lightweight and durable, with a glossy finish. The system removes easily with a 10-minute soak.

      Features & Benefits:

      • Simple, Easy 3-Step Acrylic Dip System

      • Odor Free Salon Experience

      • Natural, Light-weight and Durable

      • Time Saving Application with Minimal Filing

      • No Sculpting Required

      • Easy Removal Process in just 10 Minutes

      • No Damage to the Natural Nail

      • 72 Stunning Shades in Cr̬mes, Glitters, Neons & ShimmersåÊ

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